Beauty is only skin deep.  Ugly goes to the bone!
Not just another collection of hideous pictures of the Clintons' and friends.  True, Hillary Rodham Clinton is one ugly old Hag, but, her personality and ideas are even scarier than her looks.
Ugly Old Hag Hillary
Hillary Clinton Guardian Angel
Fugly Hillary Clinton Just Plain Fucking Ugly
Hillary Clinton Will Ream you
ugly dog
Hillary Clinton, Oops I crapped my pants!
Ugly dog
Hillary Can't help it she is Fugly
Separated at birth
Hillary Rodham Clinton forcing a smile
Hillary Looking Butch
Hillary the Hag
Yak Yak YAK
Hey Monica, Is this how you do it?
Forever the hippie
I just Farted!
I am Such an Idiot!
Getting ready to bitch!
Pretending to be interested
Bitch Bitch Complain Complain Bitch Bitch Bitch
Inside Out
Always pretending to be interested, but just waiting to bitch somemore
Dont ask me tough questions, I may have to think!
Fuck you!
Scary Hillary Clinton
I'm Ugly AND an Idiot!
Hillary clinton was dog from the beginning
Hillary Clinton Ugly and Nerdy
Hillary clinton the hippie days never ended
My dick is this big
Old Hag
Practicing Blow Job
Hillary Clinton Oral
Hillary Clinton Surprise
Hillary Clinton fakes emotion
Hillary Clinton fake crying
Hillary Clinton bitchy
I Surrender!
Twiddle Dee Dumb
Blow Job Practice
Separated at birth?
True identity, byproducs of the 60's
Ugly Its Genetic
Bitch with something to say
Just bitchy today
Couple of geeks!
Chelsea Clinton's Father
Ouch! I'm such a Dork!
Chelsea Ugly, Its in the genes
bathroom cam
Was he talking to me?
Wow, that was a tough question? They are all tough Questions!
What the fuck
Hillary clinton uses botox and she is still ugly
Queen bitch
Well, Maybe just once.
Bill's dick is this big
Always the Socialist
Every one hates me
Woof Woof
Good Dog Monica
I have something to say
I did it with bill this many times
Its okay they are BOTH gay
see bill I can do it like monica
Where the hell is Sirhan Sirhan when I really need him?
Read my finger
He wouldn't pay me
Pants on Fire!
Ever since Monica, I've been doing this with my mouth
We are in Meltdown, Thanks to Hillary